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We are one of India's fastest growing renewable energy companies in India with a primary focus on Solar and Wind sectors. Our undeterred client focus has only one obsessive objective - providing the cleanest, cheapest and the most reliable energy to our clients. To this effect we have built a team of experts, partnerships and platforms across the entire lifecycle of renewable energy projects from Development to Divestment for onshore wind, grid scale solar and roof top solar.

We have passionately chosen to call ourselves SunDesh (which means 'land of the sun') as we believe India can reach self-reliance for all its energy needs by harnessing the sun and use its hills, plains and oceans to harness wind.

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With the advances in photovoltaic technology and high yield wind turbines, the journey to net-zero and reduction in carbon footprint for industrial and commercial enterprises has become more economically viable. The regulatory support from the government and the innovations by OEMs provide an opportunity for an accelerated migration to renewables. In 2020 the world saw a tipping point with more power generated from renewables than from nuclear sources. Ownership of power plants is no longer the domain of Independent Power Producers (IPPs) alone. We believe there is no better time than now for a power consumer to invest in or buy renewable energy, reduce power bills by harnessing solar and wind, cut carbon emissions, drive sustainability and reverse global warming. We are here to help you in that journey.

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SunDesh Solar has 100 MW of projects under development and 100+ assets under management. We have a sizeable presence in West and South India and are expanding into other parts of the country. Our current portfolio of offerings to clients across various industry verticals include Open Access energy sale, wind farms, utility-scale and roof-top solar. Do reach out to us with your specific needs to help you structure third party sale/purchase, captive and group captive power. Our teams on the ground can guide you on the regulatory issues and your renewable roadmap.

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